Because one thing always leads to another...

So we had the new carpet put down and OMG, what a difference! I love it! The new carpet is so soft and well-padded --- and CLEAN!!!

So, now of course we needed to get rid of our coffee-table which actually was the kids' train table. We've lived with a train table as our coffee-table for about 4 years and we were done. The kids didn't use it anymore as a true train table, just a place to play on and store toys underneath.

Hello CraigsList - it sold in a few hours.

Hello Ikea - and Hello new coffee-table and side tables. Wow. Looks great.

Now, we need (want) a new sofa and loveseat. Our current one is about 10 years old and after 3 kids, it's DONE as well. And frankly, it looks more crappy now with the brand new carpet.

So, we're going shopping tomorrow for some new furniture.

And the house goes back on the market in a few weeks so we've gotten rid of lots of stuff and moved some furniture around. Laura's fixing up the backyard on Monday, new plants, new bark, etc. With all this fixing up I won't want to move.

No, really we do. We want our POOL!

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Sonya said...

Can't wait to see pics!

Isn't it crazy how one thing leads to another. I drive Carie crazy by doing this all the time.