Well, it's not February 8th anymore, now is it?

Funny how that "time" thing sneaks up on you - excuse me for a moment, I have to go cover up a boy...

...okay, where was I...oh yeah, the time thing.

What is it with time?? I mean I can barely sit thru some meetings at work, and they are only an hour long (but feel like a week) - and then at home, a week goes by in what seems like an hour!

Anyhoo, tomorrow is the BIG day. I start my new job, well, kinda. I meet my new supervisor and I get to see where I'll be stationed, and meet some co-workers but that's it for Friday. Starting next Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) I begin an 8-week training!!! Then we're off for a week to New York, that is of course, if my "new" supervisor approves my already approved request for time off (it was approved by my old supervisor WAY before I got my new job). OY.

Well, I'm going to make this short as Laura is at a book club meeting and all the kids are in bed, and it's not even 7:30pm! I need to take advantage of this time to watch one of the movies I rented before I need to return them!

OH - and dear old Blogger threatened me with NO MORE ACCESS to my blog unless I "conform" and move my blog to the "new and improved" Blogger. So I shall do that - soon. I really don't feel like messing with it now. So, if some cosmic event happens when I switch to the "new and improved" Blogger and I disappear somehow - well, it's been fun - take care and try to find me - same blog name.

Over and OUT!

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Laura said...

Good luck with your first day today!!! And your supervisor had better re-approve that leave.