In case you were wondering...

...yes, they did wake up!

Uggggggg. That's the last time I put out negative thoughts into the universe.

Seth woke up exactly 7 minutes after I posted the last post. Luckily he went back to sleep about 20 minutes later.

But Logan woke up at 12:45am with the tv remote in one hand and a toy dinosaur in the other. He was talking outside our door and Laura got up with him thinking both boys were awake and talking in the hall. Usually we put up a gate in their doorway - both to keep them from wandering and to keep our dog from going in their room. But we neglected to put up the gate last night. Anyway, Logan had put on the tv, and used the TiVo remote to select a cartoon that was recorded - I have NO idea how he did that. But Laura was able to get him back to sleep 30 minutes later with little difficulty.

Lesson learned = the first cardinal rule of blogging is still true!

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Casey said...

LOL!!! I'm not laughing at you...more because I understand the craziness. OY!!!

Yep - back to the "never talk about sleeping children" rule. :)