3 Words that strike fear in my heart!

All Staff Meeting

Uggggg, someone carve out my gallbladder with a toothpick now. I despise all staff meetings. They are boring, boring, boring. Did I mention they are boring?? I try so hard to stay awake and attentive during them but it usually fails. You remember back in college – in those really boring classes, as you were trying very hard to stay awake and take notes? Then you look at your notes later that day and either they are complete doodles or totally not understandable – like you wrote “Horse went home world tomato mirror.” But at the time, it sounded right.

Anyway, that’s how my all staff meetings are. We have them about once every 6 weeks. And another one’s coming next week. Maybe some of the reason I find them so very boring is that maybe 1% of the meetings pertain to me and my position. All the rest is discussions on stuff that I have NO input on at all. Yet, I have to sit there and suffer.

Okay, I’m over my rant now. Maybe I’ll get me some strong Starbucks beforehand and be really awake and attentive during the meeting. Okay, who am I kidding. I’ll deal with it. Guess it could be worse…I could be the “minute taker”. Oh, wouldn’t that be fun? Doesn’t everyone want to get notes written by moi with “Horse went home world tomato mirror” written on them? Makes sense eh?

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